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According to the Italian newspaper “Liberazione”, Sunday 16 Mar

China and the dirty tricks of the United States: on human rights issues sincerity and responsibility are needed. [1]


According to the Italian newspaper “Liberazione”, Sunday 16 March, Bertinotti[2] has been quick to support the moderate Dalai Lama, condemning violence and repressions. But Turigliatto[3] has also gone down the same road  (perhaps in response to the suppression of trade union rights)


The incapacity of the Left to see the wood for the trees is depressing; in a few days we will even find ourselves looking to Tremonti[4] for a bit of common sense.


Bearing in mind that there would never have been any ‘provocation’ without popular uprisings, or uprisings by some sectors of the population, which speak to the desire for ethnic or national, identity-based, liberation (never its social equivalent), and that it is for this same reason that ‘orange’ movements taken place against Milosevich’s Serbia, in Ukrainee and in Georgia. This is probably the fate that is also being prepared for Iran as an alternative to war. 



However, destabilisation efforts are clearly in operation and they will be crucially important in determining the success of these same movements.


The current US government, which is facing a serious economic and financial crisis, with a weak dollar and a chaotic presidential campaign , is beginning to put pressure on China, which has been deterred.


And this is the ‘great game’ (1) that is hitting Singkiang and Tibet.


This is the moment to paralyse a system of government, Confucianism, that tries to combine harmony with order and that, in the context of excessively fast development (a problem of which the Chinese government is well aware) is having to face up to serious social and environmental problems.


The crisis between Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela points in the same direction and Europe has been warned.  The destruction of any regional grouping that pretends to the autonomy enjoyed by the United States: that is the objective.


China does not want to destroy itself. The historical memory of what happened between the end of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century is all too present in the national consciousness of all Chinese people, and in particular the Han Chinese, the demographically and geographically dominant ethnic group.


Look at the attacks on shops

and commercial centres, the symbols of consumerism: what are they, but the end of the road for this development model?


China finds itself in a dilemma. The country needs to consolidate and reform, to move towards some sort of neo-federalism; the passionate debate between town planners and academics has already reached significant sections of the political establishment.


So, whoever encourages disagreement over what is happening on the edges of China wants to undermine this process and do the reverse: to get the complexities of China all tied up in knots. A China that might otherwise be capable of reforming itself, were it not terrorised by the recurring spectre of disintegration.


Human rights, union freedom, access to full and transparent information: all are underway, even allowing for setbacks. All are happening bit-by-bit, such that old alliances are replaced but not destroyed.


We must not stay quiet; we need to talk about this complex state of affairs, in full knowledge of what is entailed. We need to act responsibly, not simply to echo opinions that simply convert us into the provincial handmaids of the United States,


This is what I believe with all my heart..


(1)   The Great Game is a great, 600-page, book by the British author Peter Hopkirk (Italian edition by Adelphi), That time round it was imperial England that worried about invasion of India by Tsarist Russia, and Afghanistan was the piggy-in-the-middle. The game is the same, but the players are different, and everything is that much more exciting. .

(2)    To be discussed in the Nanquin Congress next November, unless other things get in the way… . 






[1]    Vincenzo Simoni, national secretary of Unione Inquilini (Tenants’ Unions), april 2008.

[2]    President of the Communist Refoundation Party (Italy)

[3]    Secretary of Critical Left

[4]    Former Italian Minister of Economy and Finance, Vice-President of the right-wing party, Forza Italia)


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