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Verso il Social Forum Europeo . Malmö, Sweden, 2008-05-27
Final call for program proposals for ESF in Malmö 2008

Take part in creating another Europe!?/bigger>
Participate with program activities at the 5th European Social Forum in Malmö on September 17-21st

This call is sent to 5.000 organizations that have organized seminars at earlier European Social Forums in Florence 2002, Paris 2003, London 2004 or Athens 2006 and other movements from all of Europe.

This autumn the 5th European Social Forum (ESF) will be held in Malmö, Sweden. It is the first ESF in Scandinavia and is expected to gather more than 20.000 people from all around Europe. ESF is the European counterpart to the World Social Forum and has become the largest arena for trade unions, social movements and a progressive civil society who wants another Europe - and another World.

In a Europe of division between East and West, threatening social dumping and diminished labor rights, privatizations and decreased public welfare, democratic deficit in the EU, growing walls towards people in the rest of the world and an ever more urgent need for radical action to tackle a coming climate disaster, ESF is needed now more than ever. Take part in making a social, just, ecological sustainable and democratic Europe possible – another Europe for us living in Europe – and another Europe necessary for creating another world!

The program of the ESF is created by all participating organizations. Your organization and your experiences are crucial! Take the opportunity to register your organization and submit proposals for program activities - workshops, seminars, assemblies and so on - directly at our website ( The deadline for submitting proposals is May 31st. At our website ( you will find all the necessary information about the ESF in Malmö, how to register your organization and submit program proposals and how the process to build the ESF program is working ( If you have any further questions, or if you know that you want to submit program proposals but can not make the May 31 deadline, please contact the program group of the Nordic Organizing Committee as soon as possible at:

The big focus for this ESF will be on alliance building, mobilization and to create collaborations for new initiatives, actions and campaigns. The ESF is not merely an arena for contemplating the current states of affairs in Europe and the World – it is about creating real change and making another Europe and another World possible! Furthermore there will be extra efforts and a special focus during this ESF in order to achieve as broad and deep participation as possible from Central- and Eastern Europe.

In short: Warmly welcome to participate in the 5th ESF in Malmö and to submit your proposals for program activities! And please help us to spread this call as broadly as possible through your organizations, networks and contacts!

Lets build another Europe and another World!

Program group, Nordic Organizing Committee

Nordic Organizing Committee:
Web site:
Tel: +46 (0)709-346 920
Postal address: c/o Kvarnby Folkhögskola
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212 14 Malmö


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